About Us

George Allen Strategies is a recognized leader in helping clients navigate the waters inside and outside the Beltway. Our focused approach provides companies and individuals with the most insightful and effective counsel, consulting and strategic advice on a range of issues including energy, technology and business development. Having served the Commonwealth of Virginia in the State Legislature, the U.S. House of Representative, the U.S. Senate and as its Governor, George Allen brings a wealth of experience to George Allen Strategies. Along with our strategic partnerships, George Allen Strategies offers its clients an experienced team that can implement a comprehensive plan to get the results they wish to achieve.

As Governor of Virginia, George Allen brought sweeping reform that made Virginia a national model in economic development, public safety, education accountability, and creative government. As a self-described Common Sense Jeffersonian Conservative, Allen passed monumental, bipartisan reform of the criminal justice, education and welfare systems and transformed Virginia’s economy with a focus on lower taxes, prompt permitting, smaller and smarter government, recruitment, education, right to work laws, and safe communities. These common sense policies brought over 314,000 net new jobs to Virginia in four years, many in technology based fields.

Elected to the United States Senate in 2000, George Allen continued to advocate policies to make the United States a leader in innovation and technology. In 2001, he was appointed Chairman of the Senate High Tech Task Force and later in his term he created the Competitiveness Caucus to keep the United States the world capital of innovation. Allen was a member on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, the Energy and Natural Resources Committee as well as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Subcommittee on European Affairs. Allen has supported policies to achieve American energy freedom through common sense, practical conservation; advancements in technology and nanotechnology; creatively utilizing America’s own plentiful energy resources.